May is Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, a whole month dedicated to raising awareness of the veterinary nursing profession and the vital role they play in animal care and treatment.

Holly, one of our Student Nurses here at Broadway Vets, kindly took time out to tell us about life as a vet nurse.

How long have you been a veterinary nurse?

I started my veterinary nurse training in September 2020

What is the most rewarding thing about this career choice?

Helping our patients to feel better and our nice clients and team members

What’s the best thing about working at Broadway?

The team is very supportive of each other, it’s like a proper work family, and every day is different :)

What does an average day involve for a veterinary nurse at your practice? What type of treatments and care does this include?

Assisting in surgeries, giving advice, radiography, haematology, biochemistry, urinalysis, lots of cleaning - the list is endless!

How has your role progressed within the practice?

I started as an auxiliary nurse/receptionist in February 2019 then started my veterinary nurse training in September 2020.

How has your role changed during the pandemic?

We have had to do a lot more cleaning! Also, assisting the veterinarians with animal handling whilst their owners were not able to come into the building. We have also been providing lots of love and cuddles to our patients :)

What single most important thing has helped you through these challenging times?

The love and support of my family and friends, cuddles from our patients, and clients being kind.

Thank you for sharing your story Holly!

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