We have state of the art digital x-ray processors, enabling us to produce high quality images at our Bebington and Heswall branches. This enables rapid diagnosis and assessment of fractures, other bony abnormalities, heart size and shape, respiratory disease, and some abdominal diseases (and the occasional squeaky toy!!!).

We also have an ultrasound machine and routinely use it to perform pregnancy diagnosis and to assess size, shape and structure of the abdominal organs and some heart abnormalities. In some cases we are also able to use the ultrasound to safely collect tissue samples for testing, sometimes avoiding the need for major abdominal surgery!

Endoscopic examination involves the use of a small camera to examine and collect samples from various parts of the body. We can use endoscopy to examine the upper airways, oesophagus and parts of the gastrointestinal tract. In some cases we can remove foreign bodies from the stomach or oesophagus, again avoiding major surgery for your pets!

Did you know, we can also provide access to a visiting Cardiologist and Diagnostic Imaging Specialist for our registered clients? This enables us to provide our patients with referral standard diagnostic imaging and consultations with specialists in that field, in the comfort of our own practice, assisted by our own veterinary nurses – keeping those friendly and familiar faces for you and your pets!

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