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Our Bebington Practice: 0151 608 7822 Our Heswall Practice: 0151 348 4083 Our Wallasey Practice: 0151 630 1115

Our Bebington Practice: 0151 608 7822

Our Heswall Practice: 0151 348 4083

Our Wallasey Practice: 0151 630 1115

Open 7 days a week

"All of the staff are wonderful, friendly and dedicated professionals" - Mrs Edwards,

"Fantastic vets, nurses and staff. Excellent care has always been given to my pets. I can't thank them enough!" - Ms Usherwood,

"The animals are cared for so well." - Mrs Hardcastle,

"Every member of their team is outstanding in their care and devotion to our pets." - Ms Roden,

"The Wallasey branch treated my late cat Salem like a princess, they were so caring." - Miss Peacock,

Terms & Conditions


All fees are due to be paid at the end of each visit, when medicines or consumables are collected and when patients are discharged. Consultations with a veterinary surgeon will always incur a consultation fee (currently £32.69). Separate fees are charged for each consultation or procedure. You are liable for fees incurred in the treatment of your pet if he/she is bought in by a third party or following trauma such as a road traffic accident. We accept payment in the form of cash, debit or credit card. We now accept American Express. We do not accept cheque.


We will provide you with an estimate of the likely cost of treatments or procedures we recommend for your pet. Please be aware that estimates can vary, dependant on whether more or less treatment is needed, complications arise and the full extent of treatment is not evident until it has started. We will contact you if we anticipate the estimated costs will be exceeded. If we are unsuccessful in contacting you, we will proceed with treatment that is necessary to relieve or prevent pain and suffering to your pet.

Settlement Terms

Should an invoice not be settled within 14 days, we will send a payment reminder. Should we need to send further reminders, further charges will be incurred. For ongoing overdue accounts, we will provide due notice that the account will be referred to a debt collection agency and further charges will apply in respect of costs incurred in collecting the debt.

Inability to Pay

If you are unable to pay veterinary fees, you must speak to a member of staff before any treatment is provided.

Pet Insurance

We strongly recommend that you insure your pet against unexpected illness or injury. It is your responsibility to settle our fees and re-claim them from your insurance company, so we will assist you with the completion of insurance forms. Direct claims must be authorised by a Veterinary Surgeon or the Practice Manager before treatment begins.

Returning Medications

We are able to dispose of any un-used medications returned to the practice however; we are unable to provide a refund for any items once they have left the practice. 

Written Prescriptions

You may obtain Prescription Only Medicines (POM-V) directly from us as prescribed by your vet, or you may obtain them from another source using a written prescription. If you would like to purchase prescribed medications from another source, we are more than happy to provide a written prescription for this. There is a charge of £16.46 for formulating and supplying a written prescription. If you would like a written prescription, please ask a staff member. We do require 24 hours’ notice to prepare a written prescription.

Complaints Procedure

We hope you will never have cause to complain about our client care or standard of service, however should you have a complaint, it must be directed, in writing, to the Practice Manager. This may be via letter to any of our branches, or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will investigate any complaint and respond within 7 working days. We take all feedback constructively and are always seeking to improve our services for our clients and our patients.


Our Services

Listed below are four of our main Pet Care Services.

Surgical Operations

In addition to neutering procedures (spays and castrations), we are fully equipped to provide high quality surgical care for your pets at all three of our branches, seven days a week.

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Routine Healthcare

Each of our three branches is equipped with multiple consultation rooms, kennel rooms, surgical suites, laboratories and dispensaries which enable us to provide good quality health care for your pets!

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Parasite Control

We know that finding the best parasite control program for your pets can be daunting and confusing! We offer a range of different products to suit everyone, so contact us today to discuss the most appropriate solution for your pets.

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PETS Passport

Did you know you can take your pets abroad with you? (You will need your Pets Passport as well as your own!)

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Find Us

How to find us. Postal addresses, contact details, directions and opening hours for each of our practices. We’re open 7 days per week.